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Quick Connect - "Don't show this box again" not saving the setting

Added by eahm eahm 20 days ago. Updated 20 days ago.

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It's not saving the "don't show again" setting on Quick Connect.


Updated by Per Amundsen 20 days ago

It does, but the way I designed it is not intuitive, using shift + click was meant as a temporary thing, assuming the user wanted to connect in a different way, so the option/preference is not saved in this case. unchecking "don't show this box again" removes the preferences so the user can change the preference.

I'll redesign it to be more clear.


Updated by Per Amundsen 20 days ago

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Updated by eahm eahm 20 days ago

It saves it on the normal ctrl + s dialog but not on the Quick Connect one, I'll check again I guess, I never use that one I was there just to test some stuff.


Updated by eahm eahm 20 days ago

For the options redesign, I think that's one thing that mIRC does right:


Updated by Per Amundsen 20 days ago

mirc does not do this when clicking a irc:// link, I use that popup as a guide since users does not seem to understand the concept of new tab/window and complains constantly, 50% wants new window, the other wants no new window and none of them understands.

The redesign is just how the preference is saved in the popup dialog to make it more clear and work regardless of using shift or not.


Updated by eahm eahm 20 days ago

Oh I had no idea that works even when you click irc/ircs links because I don't register them with the system, nice I like that.

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