Feature #2240

Updated by Per Amundsen over 8 years ago

Add new serverlist 

 New serverlist can be toggled from Options -> Server -> Use new serverlist. 

 Differences compared to old: 

 Multiple servers in rotation. 
 Multiple login methods SASL/nickserv/bnc/server 
 Option to prioritize IPv6 connections. 
 Minimize server window. 
 TLS connections. 
 Enable/disable channel join/minimize on join. 
 Enable/disable autocommands. 
 Proxy per network. 
 Client certificate per network. 
 Accept invalid server certificate per network. 
 Force SSL protocol per network. 
 No "Do you want to save?" dialog when there is no changes to the serverlist. 
 Network label per network. 
 More alternative nicks per network. 
 Update changes to open networks in real time. 
 Allow connecting a network from /server. 
 All default networks are now bundled with AdiIRC.exe so they are always up to date.