3.6 Released

Added by Per Amundsen over 4 years ago

3.6 Released

Some new features in this release:

Added option to use server "Username" as ident nick reply
Added support for username:password for login methods when no login username is present
Added separate "Username" field for server and login method in the Serverlist
Added separate server password field in the serverlist Servers tab when adding/editing servers for one network
Added passive GET/SEND/CHAT DCC support
Added DCC Secure CHAT support (SCHAT)
Added DCC CHAT proxy support
Added separate DCC SEND/CHAT auto accept/ignore options
Added option to ignore all DCC send requests

Some important fixes in this release:

Fixed network adapters should be cached to avoid excessive registry reading when using bandwidth monitor
Fixed an issue where tray icon disappears
Fixed connecting to a znc server with no password should not disconnect
Fixed DCC resume position should be validated
Fixed incoming DCC transfers with filesize bigger than an existing file should be ignored/not resumeable
Fixed server login doesn't work unless login method is set to none

See the changelog for more information.