2.8 released

Added by Per Amundsen 11 months ago

This is mostly a bug fix release of many long standing bugs and missing scripting features.

A few new features in this release:

Added option to show/hide Treebar arrow icons
Added right-click menu to set animate trayicon per window
Added option to enable/disable animate show/hiding tips
Added option to match a highlight only on a specific channel
Added all monitor panel to current layout by default
Added/fixed many Plugin API's see plugin documentation for more information.

See the changelog for more information.


Added by Clay Anderson about 1 month ago

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Added by Alison Daewon 3 days ago

If you're updating, make sure to read records on updating from a prior version. help with assignment writing If you are renewing from a release before 3.1, make sure to read the release records for all the early versions in between your version and this one, particularly the Upgrading section of every version's statement notes.