3.1 released

Added by Per Amundsen about 6 years ago

3.1 released

Some new features in this release:

Added option to download and show inline images/animated gifs in the text area
Added support for CHALLENGE AUTH login method (HMAC-SHA-256 and HMAC-SHA-1) (quakenet)
Added Auto op/Auto voice feature in address book
Added option to enable/disable Now talking and rejoining channel messages

Better screen reader support thanks to fastfinge, also check out their adispeak plugin which uses the new v2 plugin API to improve AdiIRC for users relying on screen readers.

Loading large znc buffers should be faster, if not check out the /fupdate command.

Unmaintained translations have been removed.

New themes from the forum added to the installer.

There is a experimental script which can convert hexchat thems to MTS themes in the scripting forum

See the changelog for more information.