Added in 1.9.7


Returns information about a match in a on HOTLINK event.

See also $hotline, $hotlinepos, on HOTLINK, /hotlink.


event - Returns sclick,rclick,dclick,uclick,mclick or mouse depending on which mouse button was pressed or mouse movement.
line - Returns the full line matched.
word - Returns the word matched.
char - Returns the character matched.
match - Returns the matched text.


.pos - Returns the line/word/char/match position in the matched line.
.type - Returns the url/channel/nick/other type in the matched word.


on *:HOTLINK:*:*:echo -ag Matched line $hotlink(line) at $hotlink(line).pos, word $hotlink(word) at pos $hotlink(word).pos, char $hotlink(char) at $hotlink(char).pos type $hotlink(match).type