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_Added in 2.7_ 


 Adds a icon to a [[Scripting Menus|menu item]]. 

 _Since ":" characters are not allowed in the menu text, [[$chr|$chr(58)]] can be used if a X:\ path is used._ 


 | filename | Path to the icon/image file. | 
 | [index] | The Nth icon in a .exe/.dll file. (optional) | 


 ; Create a custom window. 
 /window @window 

 ; Add a menu for the custom window with a menu icon, 
 ; Notice the use of $+ $chr(58) $+ to make a ":" character, since they are not allowed in the menu text. 
 menu @window { 
   $menuicon(c $+ $chr(58) $+ \path\to\image.jpg) This menu has a icon:echo -ag hello world