Added in 2.4

$regmlex([name], M, N, [&binvar])

Returns the Nth regular expression capture group from the Mth match from $regex, $regsub, $regsubex or from an event.

See also $regsubex, $regsub, $regex, $regml, $regerrstr.


[name] - A named regular expression, if not defined result from the last regular expression is returned. (optional)
M - If M = 0, number of matches, otherwise the Mth match.
N - The Nth group.
[&binvar] - Adds the match to the specified &binvar instead. (changes return value to number of bytes added)


.pos - Returns the match position in the text.
.group - Returns the group position (includes empty groups).


; Search the text for the pattern 'abcdef' and print the result.
//echo -ag Number of matches: $regex(abcdef,/([a-z])([a-z])/g) - $regmlex(1,1) $regmlex(1,2) $regmlex(2,1) $regmlex(2,2)