Added in 1.9.0

$regsub([name], text, re, subtext, %var|&binvar)

Performs a regular regular expression and then performs a substitution using subtext.

Returns the number of substitutions made, and assigns the result to %var or &binvar.

See also $regex, $regsubex, $regml, $regmlex. $regerrstr.


[name] - Name of the search, which can later be referenced using $regml. (optional)
text - The text to search.
re - The regular expression to perform.
subtext - Subtext to replace with.
%var|&binvar - Variable to assign the result to.


alias Example {
  ; Create a local variable.
  var %Example

  ; Perform a search for '([O])' and replace it with 'o' and fill the variable %Example with the result.
  noop $regsub(name,HellO WOrld,/([O])/g,o,%Example)

  ; Print the result.
  echo -a $regml(name,0) : $regml(name,1) -- $regml(name,2) : %Example