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_Added in 1.9.0_ 

 *$regsubex([name], $regsubex([name], text, re, subtext)* subtext) 

 Performs a regular [[Scripting_Regex|regular expression]] and then performs a substitution using subtext. 

 Returns the substituted text. 


 [name] - Name of the search, which can later be referenced using [[$regml]]. (optional) 
 text - The text to search. 
 re - The [[Scripting_Regex|regular expression]] to perform. 
 subtext - Subtext to replace with. 


 The subtext evaluates identifiers before performing the substitution and special markers can be used to reference various parts of the result. 

 \0 - Returns the number of matches. 
 \n - Returns the current match number. 
 \t - Returns the current match text (same as [[$regml]](\n)). 
 \a - Returns all matching items. 
 \A - Returns a non-spaced version of \a. 
 \1 \2 \N ... - Returns the Nth back-reference made for a given match  


 ; Find all lowercase 'a-z' characters and replace them with an uppercase character. 
 //echo -ag $regsubex(abcdefg,/([a-z])/g,$upper(\1))