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_Added in 1.9.0_ 


 Returns the Nth matching variable name. 

 _Searches both local and global variables, wildcards can be used._ 


 %var - Variable to match. 
 [N] - If N = 0, number of matched variables (default), otherwise the Nth match. (optional) 


 .value - The variable value. 
 .local - [[$true]] if the variable is a local variable, otherwise [[$false]]. 
 .secs - Number of seconds until the variable is unset (if autounset is on). 


 ; Create a variable. variable 
 /set %Example Hello World 

 ; Print number of variables matching '%Example*'. '%Example*' 
 //echo -ag $var(%Example*, 0) 

 ; Print the name and value from the first match. 
 //echo -ag $var(%Example*, 1) = $var(%Example*, 1).value 

 ; Delete the variable 
 /unset %Example