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_Added in 1.9.0_ 

 */alias [-l] [filename] <aliasname> <command>* 

 Add/remove/replace any single or multi line *(AdiIRC only)* (AdiIRC only) alias. 


 -l - Adds a local alias only available from current script. 


 [filename] - An optional alias filename to update, if no filename is specified it will use the first match or the first loaded alias file. 
 <aliasname> - Name of the alias to add/remove/replace. 
 <command> - The command(s) to be executed by the aliasname. 


 ; This will replace the first matching alias with the new command. 
 /alias /hello /me says hello 

 ; To remove an existing alias: 
 /alias /hello 

 ; If you want to add/remove/replace a alias in an existing file 
 /alias hello.txt /alias /me says hello