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  • AdiIRC is freeware, not open source.
  • All major Windows Operating Systems are supported: Windows XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003/2012, 8, 8.1, 10 both 32-bit and 64-bit.
  • It requires Microsoft .NET 4.0 Runtime or higher installed, you can download it here or get it from WindowsUpdate. Our installer will also offer the install for you.
    It is included by default on Windows 8/8.1/10+.

Stable Release

64 Bit 🡇 32 Bit 🡇
AdiIRC 2.7 Installer x64.exe AdiIRC 2.7 Installer x86.exe
AdiIRC 2.7 Portable AdiIRC 2.7 Portable

Beta Release

  • Beta builds contains the latest features and fixes introduced in AdiIRC, though they are considered as unstable builds and may contain untested extra functionality.
  • Use at your own risk.
64 Bit 🡇 32 Bit 🡇
AdiIRC 2.8 Beta Portable AdiIRC 2.8 Beta Portable

See also /betaup command.

Legacy Release

  • Stable version compiled in .NET 2.0 for compatibility to older Windows versions.
  • Current release v2.7 (2017-02-15) | 1.5 - 1.1MB | Integrity.
  • Changelog
64 Bit 🡇 32 Bit 🡇
AdiIRC 2.7 Legacy Installer x64.exe AdiIRC 2.7 Legacy Installer x86.exe
AdiIRC 2.7 Legacy Portable AdiIRC 2.7 Legacy Portable


AdiIRC works very well with Wine 1.5 or higher and Wine Staging or winebottler, see Wiki install guide.



All public AdiIRC history releases are available to download in links bellow.

Release notes



GPG key can be received from here or here.

File Hash && GPG key ✓
setup.exe md5: a5ce9464954d3fd6e0e24e8968bbc42f
setup.exe sha1: 7745bc887ef3f23f3c8a2df568402ea18fd06e0e
setup.exe gpg
setup64.exe md5: 3350fe59292fba5a40a447cb08147794
setup64.exe sha1: 2c3aeb8495f8fcac6f449680a426334cdefcc625
setup64.exe gpg md5: e5296bed7a0a069aef5ed89b041103e2 sha1: 213b1404796168377b36059e38af72e39178468c gpg md5: 98341217d41ef1764fd279611287518e sha1: 6760840fd203e7bfde1920df4efe2d556d190049 gpg md5: c9dd25f6ee0721ee8ec512a2935db5e9 sha1: 0e648ad3636ec490c2cf09a8ef55763090ae3f3f gpg md5: 894f18ebe38659c946665b63f2f103ab sha1: 093acc1c8bd8419fa0496b4800b68703c7ebe456 gpg md5: 31a645b2cf2a787b7ac9956fba8dca03 sha1: 9a08484581259723b34468b3bf6f58813c6a0621 gpg md5: d719b690f2288bc240d464d91e445bf3 sha1: 52869ce4f6af226272ad808d1b4f41920275daec gpg
AdiIRC.exe md5: 773c28f36d10186033b077d84d937769
AdiIRC.exe sha1: 79f9d00fe99b51b469ac8e100a0b0361284a1ec3
AdiIRC.exe gpg
AdiIRC64.exe md5: a64d45c585c1a9b4aa7598bcf59f7cd1
AdiIRC64.exe sha1: 2ebe859dc0d51dd24bc5765b82858d2efe61082e
AdiIRC64.exe gpg
AdiIRCANY.exe md5: 0022341639e74a09d9f5c32befe597a9
AdiIRCANY.exe sha1: 7ee23b8b4cd139be6ec6cf20bb3072edfdf6095b
AdiIRCANY.exe gpg md5: fc92476a864a427a5070cfc1d6e13d71 sha1: a4e8b4608702ad0229e35ebf87b09cae02dd8814 gpg

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