(Frequently Said Statements)

I can't see emoji/some symbols

If you ever experience an issue with displaying unicode characters (which is not just an encoding issue), try enable Options -> Messages -> Use alternative text rendering.

How do I auth/identify before I join

If you need to be authed with nickserv before joining a channel, you can use the /sleep (or /timer) command in your Serverlist "Run these commands on connect" field:

/msg nickserv identify <password>
/sleep 3 /join #channel1,#channel2

/sleep 3, means wait 3 seconds before running the following command.

The new Serverlist has this feature built-in as well as SASL support which makes this a non issue.

Why doesn't Ctrl-C work

When you select text from the message buffer, AdiIRC will automatically copy the text to the clipboard when you release the left mouse button.

If you prefer to manually press CTRL + C, you can go to Options -> Messages and disable Automatically copy selected text to Clipboard.

TLS isn't working on a server!

If you experience problems connecting to a TLS only server, you can try the .NET 4.5 version which has support for TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2.

How do I change my version reply

You can disable or change the CTCP VERSION reply using the CTCP event in a small script.

This can be used for any CTCP request.

; Disable CTCP version reply.

; Reply with a custom version.
CTCP *:VERSION:*:ctcpreply $nick IRC Version 42 | halt

How do I disable the popups/notifications

Tips for various events can be disabled in Options -> Tips, to disable highlight tips, go to Options -> Highlights, in the listbox area select "$me", then click the "Edit" button, uncheck "Tip message" and click "Save".

How do I disable highlight sounds

Go to Options -> Highlights, in the listbox area select "$me", then click the "Edit" button, set the sound dropdown to "No sound" and click "Save".

How do I use CERTFP, PEM files, etc with AdiIRC.

AdiIRC supports only PFX certificates, you can convert a PEM certificate to PFX using this openssl format:

openssl pkcs12 -export -out mynick.pfx -in mynick.pem

For creating a new certificate, have a look here

See also

_Note openssl EdDSA certificates are not supported in windows.

I want to use the beta!

To update to a beta release, just type /betaup.

How do I add toolbar items aligned to the right

There is a tiny "|" separator to the right, if you right click the Toolbar and choose "Customize", you are able to drag the item to the right of that border.

My BNC/ZNC starts up so slow on AdiIRC!

Should be much faster in AdiIRC 3.1.

Things you can try:

First try adjust /fupdate, if still not fast enough you can try some of the things below.

  • Use the ZNC playback script to only load messages since last time.
  • Make sure you are using latest beta.
  • Reduce Options -> Messages -> Max buffer.
  • Disable Options -> Monitor Panels -> Monitor Channels/Servers.
  • Type "/setoption Links CaptureLinks False" to disable capturing links.
  • Enable Options -> Windows -> Minimize server/channel windows.
  • Disable/reduce channel backgrounds.
  • Disable/reduce emoticons.
  • Disable/reduce highlights.
  • Disable/reduce nick colors.
  • Disable/reduce user access levels.
  • Disable/reduce on TEXT and on PARSELINE scripts.
  • Disable Options -> Logging -> Log channels.
  • Make sure Options -> Messages -> Use alternative text rendering is unchecked.
  • Make sure channel/main window is as large as possible (or smaller font) to avoid word wrapping.
  • Use fixed size message font.
  • Disable/reduce Inline Images/Animated gifs.

How do I make it so /server connects with ...

The default options used when connecting with /server or from Menubar -> File -> New window can be changed in Options -> Quick Connect.

Why is 'connecting' slow on some networks

Some networks tries to scan your port 113 to see if you have a Identd server running, if the port is closed or the identd server is not running, it can take a while for the scan to timeout, make sure Identd server is enabled in Options -> Server and that port 113 is open in your firewall and router. (AdiIRC does not yet support UPNP).

How do I move the monitors to their own window

When "Lock Bars" is disabled (right click any Menubar/Toolbar/Switchbar/Statusbar/Treebar to enable/disable) you can left-click the header of the monitor panel or a tab and move it with the mouse, if you release the mouse in the middle of the AdiIRC main window, the monitor will become a standalone window.

The window can be docked inside AdiIRC as a regular channel window by pressing CTRL + D.

See also Monitor Panels.

You can also undock the monitor panel into a window by right-clicking the header or tab and choose "Undock".

How do I autojoin several channels

Use , inbetween the channels.

Does AdiIRC have a systray icon

Yes, check Options -> Tray Icon.

Can I use AdiIRC without .NET

No, I use .NET because its fast, easy and it has large libraries which enables me to code much more in less time. On a side note, from Windows Vista, .NET is included in Windows per default. -- kr0n

Does AdiIRC support DCC

Yes, both chat and file transfers

There is so many other IRC clients, why wasting time writing another

I mainly do this for fun and learning more about .NET/C# and IRC in general. -- kr0n

I found a bug, what do I do

Check and see if its been reported. If not, report it!

I got this great idea, can you implement it

Check and see if someone suggested it. If not, suggest it!

What does "Adi" stands for

Nothing really. It's an old prefix used for some other projects many years ago, and the prefix just carried over to this irc client. Original it was derived from the song A.D.I.D.A.S by the band KoRn. According to some it could stand for All Day I IRC :P -- kr0n

Is AdiIRC open source or can I get the source

AdiIRC is freeware, but not open source.

There is a system in place in case of bus factor.

Can I use AdiIRC on macOs/Linux

AdiIRC is a Windows application using Windows APIs/features/user interface controls/.NET framework, as such it cannot run on Linux/macOS or through Mono.

It does run very well using Wine, check this guide

There are no plans to rewrite AdiIRC for other platforms.

Will you port AdiIRC to my mobile OS

AdiIRC is a desktop IRC client, as such it cannot be ported, a new client would have to be made from scratch and there are already good mobile IRC clients, also I have no interest in mobile IRC. --kr0n

How do I change message fonts

Message fonts can be changed in Options -> Fonts.

Why does task manager show high memory usage for AdiIRC

The task manager numbers are not the actual memory usage, the .NET framework which runs AdiIRC is like a little OS inside Windows, it allocates memory as needed and free it as needed, just like windows does, there are no such thing as a memory leak in .NET applications, except in very specific cases.

To show the real memory usage, you can type /gcmem in the Editbox.

Does AdiIRC support OTR

There is no OTR support in AdiIRC and no plans to add it, however it is possible for someone to add OTR support through a Plugin or a DLL. (As an example, check the blowfish DLL)

Why are some windows/channels shown on the desktop

Pressing CTRL + D toggles "Show on desktop".

"Shown on desktop" status is also saved across sessions.

How to upgrade/downgrade AdiIRC

  1. Download the (portable) version you want from
  2. Type /paths -r to open the AdiIRC folder where AdiIRC.exe is.
  3. Close AdiIRC.
  4. Copy the downloaded file into the AdiIRC folder and replace the old AdiIRC.exe with the new one.

This can be done to go from stable to beta, or from 32 bit to 64 and visa versa, no other steps needed.

How to backup the config folder

Type /paths -o or go to Menubar -> Tools -> Config Files to open the config folder, copy it anywhere.

Antivirus flags AdiIRC as having a virus or trojan

AdiIRC seems to generate a lot of false positives in some antivirus programs, if possible, please submit the file to your antivirus vendor for false positive analyzes and/or white-list AdiIRC.exe.

If you are unsure, the false positives seems to be resolved after a few weeks, you can try update again then.

Log folder using a lot of space

If your log folder is using a lot of space and you don't want to delete any logs, you can compress it by right-clicking the log folder, click "Properties", click "Advanced", check "compress contents to save disk space" and press OK.

How can I temporary disable auto connect when AdiIRC starts

Press the SHIFT key while clicking the AdiIRC icon/shortcut.

Missing Nicklist on Twitch

Add this line to the Commands tab to your twitch server in the Serverlist, it only works for channels with less than 1000 users.


How to ignore a message containing specific word(s)

For now a little scripting is needed, the script editor can be opened from Menubar -> Tools -> Edit Scripts.

The on TEXT event can be used to listen for specific messages on specific/all channels:


; Ignore all messages containing badword on all channels.
on ^*:TEXT:*badword*:*:halt

; Ignore all messages starting with !badword on a specific channel.
on ^*:TEXT:!badword*:#channel:halt

You can add as many as you want.

Options -> Ignore can also be used.

Can I distribute custom AdiIRC installers/portable versions to my users?

Absolutely. You can also distribute a custom config.ini file which uses your own hostname/#channel as the default.

You can also bundle scripts/plugins/translations etc.

Example config.ini


If you have any questions contact us.

How do I sort/re-order windows in the Treebar/Switchbar?

There is a window priority system in Options -> Windows - Window Order, simply add the name of the channel or the network name you want to have a higher priority, higher up items have higher priority.

Can I drag items in the Treebar/Switchbar?

No, use Window Order.

How to add new autojoin channels?

See Autojoin channels.

Can i change the MDI Window Titlebar colors or hide them?

The MDI Window Titlebars are drawn by Windows and are stuck with the Windows 7 theme, microsoft refuses to update them.

Hiding them causes all kinds of graphical glitches since MDI Windows in .NET apparently was not designed to work without them.

Can I make a Donation?

Please donate to your favorite local charity instead, it's much appreciated, thanks.

How do I hide channel join/part and other events?

To globally hide or show events, use Options -> Events.

To hide or show events on specific channels, right-click the channel in the Treebar or Switchbar and click the Events menu.

To only show events from users who have been recently active, enable Only show join, parts, quits, nick from active users.

When is the next beta or stable build released?

When it's ready.

Cant I contribute to the wiki?

Sure make Contact with your redmine username to get access.

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