Server Options


Use new Serverlist

Enables or disables the new serverlist.

Old and new Serverlist can still be accessed with the /serverlist command.

Reconnect on server disconnect

if enabled, AdiIRC will try reconnect when remote connection is disconnected.

Reconnect on resume from sleep

If enabled, AdiIRC will when resuming from sleep, try to reconnect all servers which was previously connected when going to sleep.

Save open servers on exit and autoconnect them on next restart

If enabled, AdiIRC will on exit save all open servers in the serverlist and mark them for autoconnect on next startup.

All other servers in the Serverlist will be unmarked for autoconnect.

All autojoin channels for the open servers will be cleared and all open channels will be added as autojoin in their place.

A right-click menu "Save Channel" for Treebar/Switchbar will be available to exclude/include channels from this system.

Use echo-message when available

If enabled, AdiIRC will ask to enable IRCv3 echo-message tag on supported servers, outgoing messages will be hidden so only the echo'ed message is shown.

Use STS when available

When enabled and connected to a server which supports the IRCv3 STS extension and not using SSL/TLS, AdiIRC will disconnect and reconnect using SSL/TLS. AdiIRC will continue to only connect to this server using SSL/TLS until the STS expires.

Use server-time when available.

If enabled, AdiIRC will ask to enable IRCv3 server-time tag on supported servers. AdiIRC will then display the message timestamp from when the server received the message instead of when AdiIRC received it.

This can also be enabled/disabled per server in the Serverlist.

Disconnect on SASL login error

If Enabled, AdiIRC will disconnect from a server if SASL login was enabled and the authentication failed or the SASL module was removed.

Always rejoin auto channel

If enabled, all channels in the Serverlist with Autojoin enabled will be (re)joined when the server is reconnected, otherwise only the currently open channels will be rejoined.

Close channel/private windows on disconnect

If enabled, closes all associated channel/private windows when the server disconnects.

Close Serverlist when clicking Connect

If enabled, the Serverlist will automatically close when you click the Connect or Connect in a new tab buttons in the Serverlist.

Retry [X] times

Number of times to try to reconnect.

Wait [X] seconds before retrying

Number of seconds to wait between each reconnect try.

Default ban type

Default ban type to use when using /ban.

Default Part Message

Default part message to use when using /part or closing a channel window.

Default Quit message

Default quit message to use when using /quit or disconnecting/closing a server window.

Default quit message will be ignored if random quit message is enabled.

Default Port

Default port used in /server and other places.

+port can be used for SSL/TLS, *port can be used for STARTTLS.

Use random quit message

If enabled, a random line from the quit messages file will be used.

Quit message can be added/removed from the Menubar -> Tools -> Edit Quits.

Default quit message will be ignored.

Default Encoding

Default character encoding to use when adding/connecting a new server.

Use UTF8 Fallback

If enabled and encoding is not UTF8, AdiIRC will try to decode the text with the chosen encoding and if it fails, fallback to decode with UTF8 instead.

Try to regain nick

If enabled, AdiIRC will automatically try to regain your primary nick.

Use serverlist group labels as network name

If enabled, the Serverlist label you entered will be shown in Treebar/Switchbar/Titlebar etc instead of the network name received from the server.

Track users away status

If enabled, AdiIRC will periodically try to find out which users are away or not away.

Only track away on channels smaller than [X] users

Disable tracking away status for channels larger than [X] users.

On some servers, AdiIRC needs to send /who #channel periodically, doing this on large channels can cause the server to disconnect you.

Send delay [X] ms

Set the delay in milliseconds between each message AdiIRC sends to the server.

Sending too much data too fast can cause the server to disconnect you.

Regain nick every [X] seconds

Sets the number of seconds between nick retries.


Use Identd

Enable or disable the Identd server.

Enable only when connecting

If enabled, AdiIRC will start the identd server when connecting to a server, and stop it when connected.

Show Identd requests

If enables, shows a notice in the server window when a server wants to know your Identd nick.

Use username as ident nick

When enabled, identd will reply with the Username set in the Serverlist for this request, otherwise it will reply with the Identd nick.

If there are no connections matching the identd request, the Identd nick will be replied.

Ident Nick

The nick to reply when a server asks for your Identd nick.


The system to reply when a servers asks for your Identd nick.

Ident Port

The port the Identd server should listen on.


Enable Dde Server

Enables or disables the Dde Server.

Check if Service Name is in use

If enables, AdiIRC will check if another Dde server is using the same name before starting it.

Service Name

The Dde service name to use.

Dde Delay [X] ms

How long to wait in milliseconds before giving up the Dde request.


Ip address

If checked, opens the port specified in the /socklisten -p command using Upnp.

DCC Connections

If checked, opens the port associated DCC port using Upnp when sending files.

Identd server

If checked, opens the identd port using Upnp.

Some servers scans for open identd port and can take a while to timeout, with the port open AdiIRC can connect faster.


Skip connections with invalid certificates

If enabled, AdiIRC will disconnect servers with invalid ssl certificates.

Display invalid certificates for approval

If enabled AdiIRC will ask to approve servers with invalid ssl certificates.

Automatically accept invalid certificates

If enabled, AdiIRC will connect to servers with invalid ssl certificates automatically.

Clear approved certificate cache

Clears previously accepted invalid certificates.

Client Certificate File

Path to a client ssl certificate in the pfx format

Create new certificate

Generates a new client ssl certificate in the pfx format

Only works on Windows 10+.

Create New Certificate Dialog

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