Statusbar Control

The Statusbar gives quick access to various information.

See also /statusbar, $statusbar, Statusbar Options.

Hiding the Statusbar

The Statusbar can be hidden by clicking Menubar -> View -> Statusbar or by typing /statusbar off or by changing Options -> Windows -> Enable Statusbar.

Modifying the Statusbar

The /statusbar command can be used to add/edit/remove any Statusbar item. To have any changes persistent, put the commands in a on START script.

Statusbar position

The Statusbar can be moved to the top/bottom/left/right of the main window by right-clicking the Statusbar then clicking Position.


The Statusbar background/foreground colors can be set in Options -> Colors.

Note: Override Windows theme colors must be enabled.


The font can be changed in Options -> Fonts & Sizes or by using the /font command.

Background image

A background image for the Statusbar can be set in Options -> Backgrounds or by using the /background command.

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