Added in 2.2

/font [-asbiueltdzxrwomcnfgp] [window] <fontsize> <fontname>

Allows you to change the font for the current/specified window or control.
If no parameters are specified, opens the font dialog.

Only new messages will have the new bold/italic/underline settings.


-a - Change active window font.
-s - Change status window font.
-b - Use bold font.
-i - Use italic font.
-u - Use underline font. (AdiIRC only)

-e - Change Editbox font. (AdiIRC only)
-l - Change Nicklist/Listbox font. (AdiIRC only)
-t - Change Textview font. (AdiIRC only)

-d - Sets the font as default font.
-z - Resets all window fonts to default or the specified font.
-x - Resets the specified window font to default. (AdiIRC only)

-r - Change the Treebar font.
-w - Change the Switchbar font.
-o - Change the Toolbar font.
-m - Change the Menubar font.
-c - Change the Statusbar font.
-n - Change the Monitor Panels font.
-f - Change the Channel Monitor Panel font.
-g - Change the Server Monitor Panel font.
-p - Change the Tips font.


[window] - Window to change font for.
<fontsize> - Font size to change to.
<fontname> Font name to change to.


; Change font for channel to bold "Comic Sans Ms" size 11
/font -b #channel 11 Comic Sans Ms 

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