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_Added in 1.8.10_ 

 */echo [color] [-abcdefghiNlmnqrstuvwN] [color name] [window] <text>* 

 Prints text in the specified window using the specified color (0 to 37). 


 -a - Prints to the current active window. 
 -b - Apply beep options. 
 -c - Indicates [color] is a color name. 
 -d - TODO 
 -e - Encloses the line in line separators. 
 -f - Apply flash options. 
 -g - Prevents the echo from being logged. 
 -h - TODO 
 -iN - Indents the wrapped line by N characters. 
 -l - Apply highlight options. 
 -m - This echo should be threated as a normal message. 
 -n - Prevents the echo from highlighting the window sidebar/channelbar icon. 
 -q - Don't print if called from a alias using the . prefix. 
 -r - Apply strip colors/bold/italic/underline options. 
 -s - Prints to the status/server window associated with current window. 
 -t - Apply timestamp prefix options. 
 -u - Disables using first word as prefix for nick column. 
 -v - Treats first word as a timestamp. 
 -wN - if N = 0, replaces emoticon tags in all token except the first one, N = 1, replaces only the first token, N = 2, replaces all tokens. 


 [color] - A numeric color value to use as line color (0 to 37). 
 [@windowid] - Sets target window to the matching [[$wid]]. 
 [color name] - Used with the -c switch. One of the following: Action, ctcp, highlight, info, info2, invite, join, part, quit, kick, mode, topic, nick, normal, notice, notify, other, own, wallops, whois. 
 [window] - The target window. 
 <text> - The text to print. 


 ;Prints 'Hello World!' to current active window. 
 /echo -a Hello World!