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Mr. BS, 02/07/2017 05:16 PM


Notable AdiIRC features. Warning: engrish bellow.


1 - Nick Column

Nick Column feature right aligns automatically the nicks in messages buffer area.
The column can be customized by several ways: Auto expand, width, visible, hidden, locked and color.
See also /nickcolumn.

2 - Advanced Highlights

Highlights on AdiIRC has a set of advanced features for total control.
See also Highlights Options.
Limit to specific network; Custom colors, even RGB; Regex for powerful match; Sounds; Tray tip message and run command, both supporting scripting, and more.
Ignore highlights from bad users and specific channels, a must have feature.

3 - System Information

Information about your system hardware is integrated on AdiIRC and fully customizable for quick sharing.
See also Sysinfo Options.
Statusbar bandwidth monitoring widget.

4 - Colors

Extensive colors customization for almost any aspect of GUI interface.
See also Colors Options.
Support for RGB colors over IRC.
See also Formatting text.

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