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_Added in 1.9.2_ 

 */findtext [-enr] <text>* 

 This searches active window for the specified text (same as %(key)CTRL% + %(key)F%). 

 _Same as [[/search]]._ 


 -e - Indicates text is a [[Scripting_Regex|regular expression]]. (AdiIRC only) 
 -n - Search backwards. 
 -r - Use exact match. (AdiIRC only) 
 -x - Reset previous search before seaching again. (AdiIRC only) 
 -g - Opens the globalk find text dialog. (AdiIRC only) 


 <text> - Text to search. 


 ; Searches for 'Hello World1' 
 /findtext Hello World! 

 ; Searches for any text matching 'Hello' 
 /findtext -r .*Hello.*