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_Added in 2.9_ 

 */globalkeys [-adu] [key] [command]* [command] 

 Adds a global hotkey which will trigger without AdiIRC window being focused. 

 Format is key+key+. 

 Modifiers: Ctrl, Shift, Alt. 

 Valid key names can be found "here": 


 -a - Adds a new key. 
 -d - Deletes a key. 
 -u - Updates the command for a key. 


 [key] - The key to add. 
 [command] - The command to run when the key is pressed. 


 ; Register the hotkey Ctrl+D. 
 /globalkeys -a Ctrl+D /ctrldcommand 

 ; Unregister the hotkey. 
 /globalkeys -d Ctrl+D