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h1. IRCv3 

 IRCv3 extensions are a set of optional features for IRC servers and clients proposed by the "IRCv3 Working Group": 

 AdiIRC supports some of them and will enable any of these prefixes automatically if they are supported by the server. 

 h2. Currently supported 






 "server-time": (added in 1.9.7) "sasl": (added in 1.9.7) 1.9.9) "tls": (added in 1.9.7) 1.9.9) 

 "sasl": (added in 1.9.9) 1.9.7) 

 "tls": (added in 1.9.9) 1.9.7) 

 "chghost": (added in 2.5)