IRCv3 extensions are a set of optional features for IRC servers and clients proposed by the IRCv3 Working Group

AdiIRC supports some of them and will enable any of these prefixes automatically if they are supported by the server.

Currently supported

cap 3.1 (added in 1.9.2)

multi-prefix (added in 1.9.2)

userhost-in-names (added in 1.9.2)

away-notify (added in 1.9.2)

extended-join (added in 1.9.2)

account-notify (added in 1.9.2)

server-time (added in 1.9.7) (added in 1.9.7) (added in 1.9.7)

sasl 3.1 (added in 1.9.9) (PLAIN and EXTERNAL)

tls (added in 1.9.9)

chghost (added in 2.5)

account-tag (added in 2.8)

invite-notify (added in 2.8)

echo-message (added in 2.9) (enable in Options -> Server -> Use echo-message when available)

Monitor (added in 2.9)

cap 3.2 (added in 3.0)

cap-notify (added in 3.0)

sasl 3.2 (added in 3.0) (PLAIN, EXTERNAL, SCRAM-SHA-1, SCRAM-SHA-256, SCRAM was added in 3.4)

batch (added in 3.0)

sts (added in 3.4)

message-tags (added in 3.4)

msgid (added in 3.4)

setname (added in 3.9)

labeled-response (added in 3.9)

WHOX (added in 4.0)

UTF8ONLY (added in 4.1)

Bot Mode (added in 4.4)

extended-monitor (added in 4.4)

standard-replies (added in 4.4)

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