Added in 1.9.0

/inc [-cesuNzB] <%var> [value]

Increase the value of %var by value.

See also /var, /set, /unset, /dec, $var.


Switch Description
-c increase %var by value every second.
-e Unset the variable when AdiIRC exits.
-s Prints out the value of the variable.
-uN Increase %var by value then unset the variable after N seconds.
-z Decrease %var by value every second until zero and then unset the variable.


Parameter Description
<%var> The variable to increase.
[value] The value to increase by, default is 1.


alias example {
  ;Create a local variable and set it to 5.
  /var %x 5

  ;Increase %x by 5.
  /inc %x 5

  ;Print out %x's content.
  /echo -a %x