Added in 1.9.0

/unset [-slg] <%var> [%var..]

Unset local or global variables, local variables take precedence over a global variable with the same name.

Wildcards is allowed.

See also /var, /set, /inc, /dec, /vars, $var, Edit Variables.


-s - Prints unset information.
-l - Unset local variable(s).
-g - Unset global variable(s).


<%var> - Variable to unset.
[%var..] - Additional variables to unset.


alias example {
  ;Create and fill a variable with data.
  /set %var1 Variable test.

  ;Print the variable value.
  /echo -a %var1

  ;Unset the variable.
  unset %var1

  ;Print the variable value after unset.
  echo -a %var1