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_Added in 1.9.0_ 

 */menubar [on|off]* 

 Enables or disables Menubar.  

 [[$menubar]] can be used to determine it's state. 

 If no parameter is defined, prints current Menubar visibility status. 


 [on] - Enables Menubar. 
 [off] - Disables Menubar. 

 _Added in 1.9.7_ 

 */menubar [-adishtio] [N] <N|name> <@popup> [text]* 

 Adds or removes custom menuitems to the Menubar. 

 _AdiIRC only_ 


 -a - Add a new topmenu. 
 -d - Delete a topmenu. 
 -i - Inserts a topmenu at position [N]. 
 -s - Shows a hidden topmenu. 
 -h - Hides a topmenu. 
 -t - Changes the text of a topmenu. 
 -o - Changes the @popup menu associated with the topmenu. 


 <N> - Position to insert or delete at when using -i/-d. 
 <name> - Name of a topmenu item to add/delete/modify. 
 <@popup> - The @popup menu to associate with the topmenu. 


 ; Setup a custom menu for the 'mymenu' topbar. 
 menu @mymenu { 
   Hello World:echo -ag Hello world 
   Menu name:echo -ag Menu name is $menu 

 ; Adda a new top menu named 'mymenu' with the text 'Top Menu Test'. 
 /menubar -a mymenu @mymenu Top Menu Test 

 ; Changes the text of the topmenu named 'mymenu' to 'Top Menu Test2'. 
 /menubar -t mymenu Top Menu Test2 

 ; Delete the topmenu named 'mymenu'. 
 /menubar -d mymenu