Added in 1.8.10

/notify -hlnrs <on|off|nickname> [network] [note]

Edit your notify list, you will get a alert whenever a nick on your notify list goes online/offline.

See also $notify, on NOTIFY, on UNOTIFY.


Switch Description
-h Hides the Notify monitor panel.
-l List nicks on notify list.
-n Indicate [networks] is defined.
-r Remove nick from notify list. (nickname can be a wildcard, (AdiIRC only)
-s Shows the Notify monitor panel.


Parameter Description
<on|off|nickname> Turns notify on or off or edit's the nick entry.
[network] The network name or address to enable the notify.
[note] Small note for this nick.


; Add 'Nick' to the Notify list.
/notify Nick

; Print the Notify list.
/notify -l

; Remove 'Nick' from the Notify list
/notify -r Nick