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_Added in 1.9.2_ 

 *<notextile>on <level>:KEYDOWN:<@>:<key,...,keyN>:<commands></notextile>* 

 Trigger when a user presses or releases a key in a window, can be used to override built-in key-binds. 

 _See also [[on KEYUP]], [[$keyval]], [[$keychar]], [[$keyrpt]]._ 


 <level> - The level for the event to trigger. 
 <matchtext> - The [[Matchtext]] to listen to. 
 <*#?=!@> - The [[Matchtarget]] to listen to. 
 <commands> - The commands to be performed when the event listener's criteria is met. 


 on *:KEYDOWN:*:*:echo -ag Pressed key $keyval in $active