Added in 1.5

/resolve [-46ch] <nick|address>

Resolves an ip address/hostname or nick to a ip address/hostname.

See also $dns, on DNS.

Same as /dns.


-4 - Include ipv4 addresses.
-6 - Include ipv6 addresses.
-c - Clears all queued dns queries.
-h - Force <nick|address> to be a address.
-a - Print all ip addresses found if input was a hostname. (AdiIRC only)


<nick|address> - The nick or address to lookup.


; Lookup nick.
/resolve Nick

; Lookup only ipv4 results.
/resolve -4 Nick

; Lookup only ipv6 results.
/resolve -6 Nick

; Lookup ip address

; Lookup

; Lookup nick! ( will be extracted)
/resolve nick!