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_Added in 1.9.4_ 

 */savebuf [-aglosN] [-aglos] [n1-n2] <window | dialog id> <filename>* 

 Saves the specified number of lines from the end of the buffer of the specified window into the specified filename. 


 n1-n2 - Save only lines n1 to n2 starting from the end of the buffer. (if no lines are specified, all lines are saved) 
 <window | dialog id> - Window or dialog/dialogid to save from. 
 <filename> - Filename to save to. 


 -a - Append the text to the end of the file. 
 -l - Use side-listbox 
 -o - Indicates that you have specified [dialog id] parameters instead of a window name in order to save text from a custom dialog control. 
 -s - Use status window. 
 -N - Keep the nickcolumn character when saving a window. (AdiIRC only)