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h1. Scripting Commands 

 Parameters in [x] means they are optional. 
 Parameters in <x> means they are required. 
 Parameters with a x|y means either x or y can be used. 

 Click on a command to read more about it. 

 Commands in bold is AdiIRC only. 

 | *[[/aclear]]* [[/aclear]] 
 *[[/advertise]]* [[/advertise]] 
 *[[/aquit]]* [[/aquit]] 
 *[[/back]]* [[/back]] 
 *[[/banlist]]* [[/banlist]] 
 *[[/betaup]]* [[/betaup]] 
 *[[/bin2txt]]* [[/bin2txt]] 
 *[[/bw]]* [[/bw]] 
 *[[/charset]]* [[/charset]] 
 *[[/config]]* [[/config]] 
 *[[/cycle]]* [[/cycle]] 
  | [[/dec]] 
 *[[/dehalfop]]* [[/dehalfop]] 
 *[[/deop]]* [[/deop]] 
 *[[/desop]]* [[/desop]] 
 *[[/devoice]]* [[/devoice]] 
 *[[/dock]]* [[/dock]] 
 *[[/dockpanels]]* [[/dockpanels]] 
 *[[/echox]]* [[/echox]] 
 *[[/edit]]* [[/edit]] 
 *[[/encoding]]* [[/encoding]] 
 *[[/fakeraw]]* [[/fakeraw]] 
 *[[/gcmem]]* [[/gcmem]] 
  | *[[/google]]* [[/google]] 
 *[[/halfop]]* [[/halfop]] 
 *[[/kill]]* [[/kill]] 
 *[[/lag]]* [[/lag]] 
 *[[/logs]]* [[/logs]] 
 *[[/msgbox]]* [[/msgbox]] 
 *[[/nmsg]]* [[/nmsg]] 
 *[[/np]]* [[/np]] 
  | [[/omsg]] 
 *[[/options]]* [[/options]] 
 *[[/paths]]* [[/paths]] 
 *[[/pgoogle]]* [[/pgoogle]] 
 *[[/plugins]]* [[/plugins]] 
 *[[/priv]]* [[/priv]] 
 *[[/quicksave]]* [[/quicksave]] 
 *[[/rawx]]* [[/rawx]] 
 *[[/rawlog]]* [[/rawlog]] 
 *[[/reconnect]]* [[/reconnect]] 
 *[[/rejoin]]* [[/rejoin]] 
 *[[/resolve]]* [[/resolve]] 
 *[[/restart]]* [[/restart]] 
 *[[/scripts]]* [[/scripts]] 
 *[[/search]]* [[/search]] 
 *[[/serverlist]]* [[/serverlist]] 
 *[[/setconfig]]* [[/setconfig]] 
 *[[/setoption]]* [[/setoption]] 
  | [[/signal]] 
 *[[/sleep]]* [[/sleep]] 
 *[[/sop]]* [[/sop]] 
 *[[/statusbar]]* [[/statusbar]] 
 *[[/tab]]* [[/tab]] 
 *[[/themes]]* [[/themes]] 
 *[[/topicbox]]* [[/topicbox]] 
 *[[/txt2bin]]* [[/txt2bin]] 
 *[[/unban]]* [[/unban]] 
 *[[/unignore]]* [[/unignore]] 
 *[[/unnotify]]* [[/unnotify]] 
 *[[/update]]* [[/update]] 
 *[[/vars]]* [[/vars]] 
 *[[/viewlog]]* [[/viewlog]] 
 *[[/voice]]* [[/voice]] 
  |^. *[[/wdown]]* [[/wdown]] 
 *[[/wjump]]* [[/wjump]] 
 *[[/wnext]]* [[/wnext]] 
 *[[/wpause]]* [[/wpause]] 
 *[[/wplay]]* [[/wplay]] 
 *[[/wprev]]* [[/wprev]] 
 *[[/wsearch]]* [[/wsearch]] 
 *[[/wseekf]]* [[/wseekf]] 
 *[[/wseekr]]* [[/wseekr]] 
 *[[/wselect]]* [[/wselect]] 
 *[[/wstop]]* [[/wstop]] 

 h1. System information Commands 

 Output from these are set in Options -> Sysinfo and are merely convenient aliases. 


 h1. Missing Commands