Serverlist Channels

In the channels tabs you can add all channels you want to join or keep as favorites.

See also /channels, /autojoin.


Opens up the add channel dialog.


Opens up the edit channel dialog.


Removes the selected channels(s) from the channels tab.


Moves the selected channel(s) higher up in the serverlist.


Moves the selected channel(s) lower down in the serverlist.

Enable autojoin

If checked, all channels marked as autojoin will be joined when the server connects.

Delay X seconds

Joining channels will start after X seconds.

Delay between joins

Joining each channel will be delayed X seconds.


Channels not marked as autojoin will be treated as favorites, they can be tabcompleted from the Editbox.

Adding channels

Adding new channels can also be done by right-clicking a channel window in the Treebar/Switchbar then clicking Add Channel or by using the /channels command.