Added in 1.9.0

/splay -cmpqw [filename | stop | pause | resume | seek | skip] [pos]

Plays the specified sound, which can be a .wav, .mid, or .mp3 file.

Playing mp3 files with large ID3 tags and/or album art, may not work.


-c - Clears the song queue.
-m - Midi.
-p - Mp3.
-q - Queue song to play after current song.
-w - Wave.


[filename | stop | pause | resume | seek | skip] - File to play or operation to perform on current song.
[pos] - Is pos is defined, file will start playing at pos.


; Match on "play a song" then play "mysong.mp3" 
on *:TEXT:play a song:*:splay c:\mysong.mp3