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10:19 PM AdiIRC Support: RE: Modify the "right-click" menus
reason is that as i use my irc on Quakenet i have no use for Hop or Sop.
possible to add a file so that i we can c...
Andreas Larsson
10:04 PM AdiIRC Support: Modify the "right-click" menus
when giving op now, there is an option to give OP
then there is 2x give Hop
why 2? what does H mean?
Andreas Larsson


11:00 AM AdiIRC Feature #431: auto log on when started
NOO! unacceptable!!!!
lol ofc :) thank you for being so active and nice! love this irc client :D
Andreas Larsson


03:32 PM AdiIRC Feature #431: auto log on when started
well then, a follow up then that goes into this also...
if i have the program on auto start, any chance to have it...
Andreas Larsson
09:16 AM AdiIRC Feature #431 (Closed): auto log on when started
when i start the program, (autostart on win start up) it would be nice
if we could chose for it to automatically lo...
Andreas Larsson


11:46 AM AdiIRC Feature #422 (Closed): No Perform on Quick join.
* there is no perform on quick join.
i have always had some stuff there to make not have to auth every time manually...
Andreas Larsson

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