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12:55 AM AdiIRC Bug #4704 (Invalid): /who missing some raw reply data
I saw that when i do /who #channel the reply that i get on status window is not the correctly, because it m...
westor (GR)


12:24 AM AdiIRC Bug #4702 (Invalid): $url doesn't working on any browsers
I just wanna say that when using $url to call the active browser URL returns $null .
- Thanks!
westor (GR)


09:39 PM AdiIRC Scripting : [Script]: AdiIRC Backup v1.0
h2. Description:
The following code requested by +Makis+ , allowing you to create a backup in your choose destinat...
westor (GR)
07:58 PM AdiIRC Bug #4617 (New): Scripts Editor open multi times in some cases
I've just reproduced the issue of why sometimes scripts editor opens multi times instead of re-focusing on ...
westor (GR)


05:57 AM AdiIRC Feature #4587 (New): Add $dictlang() identifier to check if an dictionary is currently installed
It would be nice if there was an identifier to check if a dictionary language is currently installed or not...
westor (GR)
05:46 AM AdiIRC Feature #4586: Add $spellchecklang to return the default and per channel spellchecker language
It can be useful if you wanna print what language is currently set in editbox spell checker
example if someone wants...
westor (GR)
02:59 AM AdiIRC Feature #4586 (New): Add $spellchecklang to return the default and per channel spellchecker language
I wanna suggest an identifier that could look and return the currently set spellchecker language, the defau...
westor (GR)


04:28 AM AdiIRC Bug #4585 (Closed): $ialmark() should not work in case-sensitive version
There is an issue with $ialmark(), it checking for case-sensitive as it should not, currently AdiIRC return...
westor (GR)


12:22 AM AdiIRC Bug #4584 (Rejected): Add wildcard support under Highlights -> Highlights Ignore From Channel/Private List
It would be nice to add wildcard support under Highlights tab in Ignore list, it is helpful in order you wa...
westor (GR)
02:45 AM AdiIRC Scripting : [Script] Channel Statistics on StatusBar v2.0
h2. *Description:*
The following code is adding some extra informations about the total number of *"Owners/Admins/...
westor (GR)

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