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05:15 PM AdiIRC Feature #149 (Closed): Make options dialog modal or make it apply settings on exit
While testing I often had it dismiss settings because I closed the program with the options dialog still open and wit... Chris S


11:54 PM AdiIRC Feature #148 (Closed): CTRL+Backspace=Delete Word
Very useful key combo, but in many windows controls it just produces a  character. Chris S
11:26 PM AdiIRC Bug #147 (Closed): OnUserMessage not executing?
With this code, OnUserMessage doesn't do anything when I write a message myself:
in Initialize():
Chris S
11:24 PM AdiIRC Bug #146 (Closed): Autojoin (and possibly perform?) on manual join
If you join by using the /server command, autojoin is not executed Chris S
11:22 PM AdiIRC Feature #144: Multiple servers on start
Had something wrong on my end it seems, it's working fine :) Chris S
11:18 PM AdiIRC Feature #144 (Closed): Multiple servers on start
It should be possible to join multiple servers on start, instead of one only. Chris S
11:19 PM AdiIRC Bug #145 (Closed): Perform on Server group
Perform should be available for server groups, too.
If you select a random server from a group, which still belongs ...
Chris S

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