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01:50 PM AdiIRC Feature #154: HardDisks
I can't remember what letter i assigned. :'( John Sacre
01:49 PM AdiIRC Bug #157: channel tab-complete
when i'm in #AdiIRC and i use #+tab, it'll tab for (let's say) #Johnson John Sacre
01:47 PM AdiIRC Bug #152: winamp plugin
Windows 7 (build 7100)/Winamp 5.56. I'm the admin of my own system. (i gotta go to school in a few, just wanted to up... John Sacre


02:32 AM AdiIRC Bug #157 (Closed): channel tab-complete
channel tab-complete is completing with the wrong name. ex: user is on channel #fool, he tries to tab-complete [#+tab... John Sacre


09:26 AM AdiIRC Feature #156 (Closed): UTF-8
UTF-8 is set to be only on the server you activate it on. it should be on ALL servers (or at least an option needs to... John Sacre


11:01 PM AdiIRC Feature #154: HardDisks
come to think of it, it would be nice to have all the system info details to have a separate menu.
(or at least a ...
John Sacre
05:41 AM AdiIRC Feature #154 (Closed): HardDisks
I have a number of HDDs, a couple internal, a couple external but i can't really display that with just 'Harddisks'. ... John Sacre


03:09 AM AdiIRC Bug #152 (Closed): winamp plugin
when changing songs with the wimamp plugin, AdiIRC doesn't see the change and will keep posting the same when using '... John Sacre
02:40 AM AdiIRC Feature #151 (Closed): MOAR COLORS
colors for Ops, HOps, voice, etc in the channel.
colors for self in the channel like in the channel list
John Sacre
01:51 AM AdiIRC Bug #150 (Closed): channel bar
channel bar reverts to top of the screen when settings are 'applied' John Sacre

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