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02:38 PM AdiIRC Support: RE: Nickname
Thanks, yes by me entering Roccat as an alternative it fixed the issue thanks :) I have a registered nickname on so... Roccat adiIRC
08:51 AM AdiIRC Support: Nickname
might be a bug in the new beta you know when you can have alternative nicknames like EG Roccat Roccat_ Roccat__ etc ... Roccat adiIRC


10:18 AM AdiIRC Scripting : RE: [Script] HTA media viewer v0.9
Thank you very much, I tried this on Windows 7 X64 and it works great :) Roccat adiIRC


12:41 AM AdiIRC Themes: RE: Screenshots sharing
OK this is my screenshot version 2.2, I call it the old school look ;)
Roccat adiIRC

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