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11:37 AM AdiIRC Bug #295 (Closed): Language translation
Its not possible to translate the submenu Invite on an user.
The text: To #Channelname
Brian Nielsen


10:57 PM AdiIRC Bug #285 (Closed): Remember to save dialog on settings menu
When closing the settings menu it asks if you want to save.
The buttons is OK and Cancel.
It should say Yes and No...
Brian Nielsen
10:46 PM AdiIRC Bug #284 (Closed): Slaps editor
If having a lot of slaps available (entered through slaps.txt file), you can't edit or add more slaps in the edit win... Brian Nielsen


10:16 PM AdiIRC Bug #141 (Closed): TabComplete
If a user has a nickname like baab, gaae or ghjfdgkjfhdgkjaabgfdh, the tabcomplete can't complete the nick when you w... Brian Nielsen


09:44 AM AdiIRC Bug #137 (Closed): Disconnect continously
Im using AdiIRC64 and a bnc server.
If I connect to the bnc and enter wrong password.
Write /reconnect and afterwar...
Brian Nielsen


03:37 PM AdiIRC Bug #136 (Closed): Betabug
Something smelly happend in the new beta Brian Nielsen


02:37 PM AdiIRC Feature #135 (Closed): Lock adiirc
Could it be possible to lock adiirc so we have to type a password to unlock it and be able to read and write again? Brian Nielsen


08:33 AM AdiIRC Bug #128: Quick connect cannot be updated
Its only the server and port (stupid me not testing it before lol)
I hit the log on button either with mouse or wi...
Brian Nielsen


11:24 AM AdiIRC Bug #129 (Closed): AdiIRC disappears
If I doubleclick on the AdiIRC systemtray icon a lot of times because it doesnt respond (laggy pc and no tolerance fr... Brian Nielsen


04:54 PM AdiIRC Bug #128 (Closed): Quick connect cannot be updated
I'm trying to change the quick connect settings.
But it doesn't show me the changes when i start AdiIRC afterwards.
Brian Nielsen

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