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03:20 PM AdiIRC Bug #5066: Crashes in Wine on Window View
nope, still does it! Dave the Pear


01:39 AM AdiIRC Bug #5066: Crashes in Wine on Window View
oddly enough, it stopped doing it. I'm unable to recreate it now. maybe some background update fixed it, maybe not. s... Dave the Pear


03:59 PM AdiIRC Bug #5066 (Invalid): Crashes in Wine on Window View
I've tried to capture logs, but it crashes too quickly. I upgraded to Ubuntu 20.04 and it broke IRC. It's fine as lon... Dave the Pear


01:44 PM AdiIRC Bug #5009 (Closed): Edit Users shows older cached version of the users file
/auser 3 *!*
Added *!* to user list
looking in user list, nope!
could be a wine ...
Dave the Pear


10:38 PM AdiIRC Bug #4510 (Closed): $level($null) should return default level
I searched the forum, or I searched wrong, if so, I apologize!
$level works, unless it receives a $null
for example...
Dave the Pear


02:26 AM AdiIRC Bug #4272 (Duplicate): $address
I've been away for a while, but it worked okay when I left.
an actual guy named "nick", doesn't work with any name.
Dave the Pear


12:38 AM AdiIRC Bug #3865 (Closed): topicbox crash
was trying to set the topicbox to be unlocked by default, after doing it to 3 channels it crashed... maybe 5 times be... Dave the Pear


12:56 AM AdiIRC Bug #3815 (Closed): no disconnect no close
It throttles about 1000 times, used to be able to close or click disconnect or even have script that disconnects... i... Dave the Pear


03:48 PM AdiIRC Bug #3699 (Closed): Swichbar/Treebar Tooltips causes issues when switching windows
often takes several clicks to go to another channel or window. I love this program otherwise. No Linux version? Dave the Pear

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