Retain channel window positions

Added by Sebastian Gingter about 6 years ago


I seem to have a problem with my AdiIRC client.

I have my client configured to auto-connect to a single server, and auto-join two channels.
Now, I usually arrange my channels in the AdiIRC main window with the 'Tile Vertical' option, taking care that the first auto-joined channel is on the left and the second on the right hand side.

However, I did not manage to re-arrange the windows in that fashion after a restart. I always have to re-arrange them that way after launching the client.
When I close the client and re-start it, the first auto-joined channel windows is either invisible or moved out of the visible form area (no idea what really happens, I just cannot see it unless I use one of the window auto-positioning features). The second auto-joined channel is on the last position where it was.

However, when I now click on tile vertical, the windows switch positions. The first autojoined channel usually is on the right, and the second on the left. I have to move them around manually and get them far enough from each other so that another click on tile vertical positions them the way I want.

I have "Save and restore window size/positions" enabled in Options -> Windows.
I also tried to set something in Options -> Windows -> Window Order, but telling from the docs this just affects the order in the switch bar on top.
When I set "Auto-Tile" to "Tile Vertical" it always sorts them the wrong way around.

To be frank, I love AdiIRC over any other IRC client so far, but this is a thing that really annoys me, big time.

So, the question is: Is there any way to have my client retain the window order / positions of the channel windows between restarts, without having to re-order them manually (of which not every time works when I don't pull the windows far enough from each other before using "Tile Vertical") each single time I open the client?

I am running AdiIRC 2.8 64bit on Windows 10 Pro x64 with a Multi-Monitor setup.

Screen 1 is a 3840x2160 4K display with Windows UI scaling set to the recommended 150%.
Screen 2 and 3 both are 1920x1200 positioned left and right from the main screen and the windows UI scaling is set to 100% there.
Desktop is extended over all 3 screens.

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RE: Retain channel window positions - Added by Per Amundsen about 6 years ago

This was fixed recently in 2.9 beta, you can type /betaup to get it or wait a few weeks for a new stable.

RE: Retain channel window positions - Added by Sebastian Gingter about 6 years ago

Great. I just updated, disabled the auto-tile option, and the windows showed where I want them!
I LOVE betas ;)

Thanks a lot.