Autojoin Channels (Portable Version)

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i hope you can help me, i try to connect to the IRC ( Server and then join automatically some channels. But it just wont work, it always only joins the first or or maybe three channels but not the rest.

I try'd the "Auto Join Channels" Field in the Server List like this

1) ot4tv, arkadeum, dkeygo, codcomrade2, forlornsc, iketakeda, dragon_beater, assault3r, dkeygo, valon22
2) ot4tv,arkadeum,dkeygo,codcomrade2,forlornsc,iketakeda,dragon_beater,assault3r,dkeygo,valon22
3) #ot4tv, #arkadeum, #dkeygo, #codcomrade2, #forlornsc, #iketakeda, #dragon_beater, #assault3r, #dkeygo, #valon22
4) #ot4tv,#arkadeum,#dkeygo,#codcomrade2,#forlornsc,#iketakeda,#dragon_beater,#assault3r,#dkeygo,#valon22

I also did it this way as a test on "perform":

/j ot4tv
/j arkadeum
/j dkeygo
/j codcomrade2
/j forlornsc
/j iketakeda
/j dragon_beater
/j assault3r
/j dkeygo
/j valon22

6) same as above but with "#" in front
7) same as above but with "/join" instead of "/j"

8) I did add only one channel, and edit then the "servers.ini" file, same result

I just installed windows 7 64bit new, same result again, i tested with:

32 Bit - 1.8.10 (Portable version)
64 Bit - 1.8.10 (Portable version)
Development release 32 Bit - March 29, 2013 (Portable version)
Development release 64 Bit - March 29, 2013 (Portable version)

Not sure if its only a problem with twitch, i just need this server, i used before a "installed" version of a IRC program
and there it worked, but i like the AdiIRC simple design and best thing its portable on USB, so i really would like to use it.

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I just tested this with all your channels in the "Autojoin channels" field


It joined all channels without any problems.

I included a screenshot of my serverlist.

Could you try the development release again, but this time go to File -> Rawlog and then try to connect, check the "Debug" tab if there is any errors, and in the jtvirc tab check if AdiIRC sends the expected joins and if jtvirc replys with proper join for each channel.

It should look something like this:

-> JOIN #ot4tv,#arkadeum,#dkeygo,#codcomrade2,#forlornsc,#iketakeda,#dragon_beater,#assault3r,#valon22
<- :kr0nfly! JOIN #codcomrade2
<- :kr0nfly! JOIN #valon22
<- :kr0nfly! JOIN #arkadeum
<- :kr0nfly! JOIN #dkeygo
<- :kr0nfly! JOIN #dragon_beater
<- :kr0nfly! JOIN #forlornsc
<- :kr0nfly! JOIN #assault3r
<- :kr0nfly! JOIN #ot4tv
<- :kr0nfly! JOIN #iketakeda

Ps. notice #dkeygo is added twice in your join string.
Pps. always use # in front of channel names

This will help a lot tracking down this issue, cheers :)

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First let me thank you for your Help, im really thankful that you took your time and tryed to reconstruct the same situation.
Thanks a lot, at the moment im not at home, but as soon as im back at my pc im going to report you a full log and i will try again later at home.
cya in a few hours ;)

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hello again! Sorry took some time, had to reinstall windows again (dont ask) but i did as you sayd and now it works!
I used the developer edition x64 and put the channels same as you in the channels autojoin list and now it works!
Im super Happy :) Does AdiIRC save any information on the local PC? Even if it does, as long as i can run it from
USB stick its great!

thanks for your help!

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Everything is saved into the folder where AdiIRC.exe is, so you can put that on a usb stick/dropbox etc and all your settings/servers will be restored :)