[Switchbar] On-hover close icons per button/window?

Added by Peter Mello almost 3 years ago

I'm terribly sorry to impose, but I'm in need of a bit of collective wisdom from the userbase regarding an issue.

Several years ago I pretty much abandoned using MS Windows on all my computers (fear not, I'm not here to disparage Microsoft or evangelize about Linux) and sadly this meant having to employ another IRC client as a daily driver instead of my cherished AdiIRC. I do have it installed within several of my Linux environments under WINE, but the stability still just isn't up to par. I reassess the functionality after major WINE updates as occurred not too long ago, which revived this quandry I have regarding the Switchbar.

I would swear on all that is holy that when I ran AdiIRC under Windows, the buttons which correspond to each windowed view within the application that appear on the Switchbar had a run-of-the-mill close button (your standard white 'X' in a red frame) which allowed you to dispose of them with a single left-click should you find yourself with a hand on the mouse in a given moment. I want to say I recall that it was even possible to configure their behavior from On-Hover to Always-Displayed. Strangely, I can no longer find anything remotely like this in the current configuration dialogs, nor does the behavior I remember reassert itself when I spin up Windows in a VM and run AdiIRC there, more or less natively.

My questions on this matter are explicitly as follows:
  1. Am I losing my mind? Or, does anyone else remember this UI feature as well, be it formerly or still available?
  2. If this only ever existed in my head, is there a reason why such a UI control was never added? It seems rather ubiquitous among the remaining GUI ponies in my IRC client stable.
  3. For those who have found good results with AdiIRC under WINE, what configurations for the WINE Prefix containing AdiIRC have you found most tightly associated with stable operation. Are you still using a 32-bit prefix? Which Windows release? .NET 2.0 or 4.5?

Thanks again for reading this far and helping me bring this minor frustration into greater focus.

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RE: [Switchbar] On-hover close icons per button/window? - Added by Per Amundsen almost 3 years ago

The Switchbar has never had a X button because each window there is a actual button.

The Treebar however is a custom control I made from scratch and it does have a option to always show a X button or show it on hover, maybe you are remembering that?

I used to run linux almost exclusive from 1998-2015 and I did run AdiIRC in wine using 32 bit and .net 2.0 but I can't comment on how good wine run today.

Will say that every time I try to test AdiIRC on wine in a VM for users having problems, I have to fight wine so much that I always end up doing 32 bit and .net 2.0.

.net 4.0+ and 64 bit seems very tricky, I suspect it depends on specific versions of winetricks and wine used.

Hopefully someone else have more information about that for you, good luck.