Highlight based on hostmask

Added by Daniel Kempton over 2 years ago

Is there a way to highlight based on hostmask? Or partial hostmask match? For example,take the following hostmask blahbalblah.someisp.or.moreblah. I want to highlight just on the someisp.or when they enter a channel. I could not figure out how to add that in the highlight dialog.

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RE: Highlight based on hostmask - Added by Per Amundsen over 2 years ago

In the Add/Edit Highlight dialog, you can set "Nick or Address", it can be a hostmask and supports wildcards.

The highlight system is for highlighting text in messages, if you want to perform a action when someone joins a channel, you will have to use the on JOIN event.


on *:JOIN:#channel:{
  ; iswm is wildcard matching
  if (*@isp iswm $fulladdress) {
    ; Perform highlighting action here, e.g /beep or $tip()