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01:07 AM AdiIRC Support: RE: /id and other nickserve commands

nevermind.... i know what I did... I shouldn't type when 1/2 asleep.
Daniel Kempton


10:36 PM AdiIRC Support: RE: /id and other nickserve commands
commands.ini located in c:\program file\adiirc
/op /mode # +ooo $$1 $2 $3
/dop /mode # -ooo $$1 $2 $3
/j /join ...
Daniel Kempton
10:59 AM AdiIRC Support: /id and other nickserve commands
I realize that with addiii, I am able to type /id password rather than /msg nickserve identify password. I have writ... Daniel Kempton


06:47 PM AdiIRC Feature #5512 (Closed): Allow comments in random quit/slap/now playing files
I probably have 100 or so quits from my days running a bbs. I want to organize them into groups, with a space in betw... Daniel Kempton


12:37 PM AdiIRC Support: Highlight based on hostmask

Is there a way to highlight based on hostmask? Or partial hostmask match? For example,take the following hostmask ...
Daniel Kempton
12:32 PM AdiIRC Support: Connected time

I want to add a connection timer to my statusbar.
Here is the code I am using:
on *:START:{
Daniel Kempton


12:07 AM AdiIRC Scripting : RE: Scripts repositories links
As of, Friday 27th April 2018 at 15:06 PDT Some of these are no longer valid.
Daniel Kempton


08:12 AM AdiIRC General: Issues with the SEARCH function on the website

So, under logging in settings, there is an option for :show last x lines: If I enable that, adiirc freezes as it ...
Daniel Kempton


09:59 PM AdiIRC Bug #3751 (Closed): Notify only ½ working
The Notify function is only partially working for me. While the name appears in the treebar under Notify when they l... Daniel Kempton


03:01 PM AdiIRC Support: RE: TreeBar not updating notify ....
I think I am running the latest beta.... 2017/08/16.
Daniel Kempton

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