5 feature request and bugs

Added by Luke Waymark over 8 years ago

Hi, either these few things aren't in the client or I just can't find the settings.

The MDI sort buttons order the windows based on last opened, with mIRC they sort on alphabetical order of channels and can be altered with window arrangements settings. I'm not sure if it can be changed, but it is useful having the same windows in relatively the same positions, having the last opened window appear in the sort just confuses me. In this example the three channels have been sorted, yet they do not match the order in the switchbar below.

Another mIRC feature is hiding user IPs on joining channels, I find it makes the chat less spammy, and can look at IPs elsewhere if needed. Scoured the options menu but didn't find a tickbox or something to do it. Example: . Bottom is mIRC with IP hidden, much more neat.

Also with the nick list's auto hide function, in mIRC it would only appear if the mouse was in the top right of the window, as opposed to anywhere on the side, it could be toggled open permanently with a shortcut. In AdiIRC the nick list can also get stuck open even if the mouse is not hovering over the active corner and can be fiddly to get the list to hide again.

For notification tips it would be great if you could choose which monitor they appear on.

Finally a bug with transparent backgrounds: with multiple monitors the 'transparent' background takes a screencap of the wrong wallpaper. The wallpapers of my middle and right monitors. The client takes a cap of the wrong monitor's wallpaper, should be the green sparkly one. (toolbars are at the bottom, monitor portrait, channels minimised)

Sorry if this is a little long winded, these are just very minor niggles in the client. I tried my best to describe myself and take screenshots accordingly. Also apologies if these options exist in the settings and I just couldn't find them.


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RE: 5 feature request and bugs - Added by Per Amundsen over 8 years ago

I'll address these in order.

Window sorting

Sorting windows can be set in Options -> Windows -> Sort Windows by, I can't guarantee it will work the same as you are used to, but should be better if you set it to "As they appear".


I have on TODO to add the join/part options, for now you can use this little script:

on ^*:JOIN:#:echo $color(join) -t * Joins: $nick | halt
on ^*:PART:#:echo $color(part) -t * Parts: $nick $iif($1-,( $+ $v1 $+ ),) | halt

Autohide Nicklist

what is this keybind?
Anywhere in the side will likely not change, but can you describe how you got it stuck?


I'll think about this.


I have not been able to find a way to get the wallpaper from anywhere except the primary monitor, if I do at some point, I will fix this.