Issues with the SEARCH function on the website

Added by Daniel Kempton almost 5 years ago

So, under logging in settings, there is an option for :show last x lines: If I enable that, adiirc freezes as it loads the logs from my last connection. I want to be able to disable that setting, and then if I need to, be able to load the logs into the current window. So I came on and did a search for logs I got 692 results, most of those had to do with diaLOG - I could find nothing that would allow me to search for exact word matches... it would be really nice to have this. If there is already a way to do this, perhaps a little box by the search bar to tell you how?

I realize that this is not the support thread, and will post my question there for support on the issue. But I needed to explain what I was searching for and why.

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RE: Issues with the SEARCH function on the website - Added by Per Amundsen almost 5 years ago

This development software was not made by me, it's a very complicated system using a programming language I don't know.

I tried installing 2 different plugins which allows full text search, but I was unable to make either work properly, they also require running additional server programs which I find a little absurd.

On the other hands, I don't think you will be able to find the solution you need through search.

What you probably want to do, is create a script using the /loadbuf commands, it allows loading lines into a window, you can get the log file for a window with $window($active).logfile.


alias loadlog { loadbuf 20 $active $qt($window|$window($active).logfile) }

I did find a bug in /loadbuf when trying to load more lines than available in the file, I fixed that bug for next beta.

Ps. next time, you could try search through google like this "logs"