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Added by shane allen almost 6 years ago

Howdy, I own (

I couldn't find any contact for the developer(s), but I'll throw this out there:

I've always used mIRC (even since days) - so I have a very vested interest in the client

I've pushed the motto with my staff that the power of IRC is in the clients. I'll be pushing AdiIRC as the default client for Snoonet (the one that will be advertised over HexChat/webchat). I'd like to bring the developer on board, as I have a habit of keeping important people close to me.

I will continue fighting the long battle and keep IRC going indefinitely. I have the inspircd developers in the staff channel.

Despite what others brag about (irssi, hexchat, weechat, whatever) - I've managed the entire network with mIRC and a custom script I developed for it.

Since mIRC is not free, I'm looking in to ditching it and going on.

If you dev for AdiIRC, feel free to contact me at

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RE: Developer contact e-mail - Added by Per Amundsen almost 6 years ago

My email is literary everywhere :>