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I love AdiIrc,it use so little memory and processor. I figured I would add strangescript to it, and have copied the files, where they appear to go. I have all the menu's, but everything seems to be empty. the setup script does not load anything. I do not see any way to load the script, and just wondered if anyone has had any luck with this script. It appears to have everything anyone could want, I just wish it would work for me.
Thanks for any help.

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RE: Strangescript - Added by westor (GR) almost 3 years ago

Can you paste a link with that code?

RE: Strangescript - Added by James Ransom almost 3 years ago

I copied the files where they are supposed to go, and I have the menus. The variables do not seem to save and when I run the setup for the script, it loads but everything in the menus are empty, like its not saving the variables. If i save a nick, its empty. If i click on an option, it does nothing.

The script is available here:

RE: Strangescript - Added by westor (GR) almost 3 years ago

The author gives contact details, why don't you try to contact him and ask more informations about how-to install the specific script?

You will find me on:
DalNet ( ) in #StrangeScript
Libera.Chat ( irc.Libera.Chat ) in #StrangeScript
freenode ( ) in #StrangeScript