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RE: [Theme] mIRC Wannabe - Added by Kostas K almost 7 years ago

(Using 2.9 beta 2017/7/11 x64 on win10)

It's about a minor update:

Currently, "mirc" theme in AdiIRC shows nicks in Nicklist as Bold,
i.e. when switching to the "mirc" theme, the first 6 entries in 'Options|Fonts|'Nicklist font weight' have 'Bold' ticked.

For reference, in mIRC client, all entries in the nick list have normal font, not bold.

I manually changed the above 6 entries to non-Bold and saved the theme file as 'mirc2.ini', (opening it reveals that it's in "2.0" -that's theme format version?)
and then compared it to the 'mirc' file that AdiIRC uses (C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\AdiIRC\Themes\mirc.irc) which is 1.0 (like the file in the 1st post here) :

In mirc.ini there's no 'NicklistFontWeight' entry.

In 'mirc2.ini' there'a a:


Therefore changing it to the following should fix it:

RE: [Theme] mIRC Wannabe - Added by Per Amundsen almost 7 years ago

I removed the bold and updated the theme.